Visionaire Celebrates Kaws VR Film With M&M’s

Visionaire Celebrates Kaws VR Film With M&M’s
January 30, 2017

“We’ve been wanting to do VR for a long time,” revealed Visionaire’s James Kaliardos at the New York Public Library on Saturday night. “It’s not outside the realm of our crazy imagination,” added Cecilia Dean. “M&M’s came to us and told us that it was their 75th anniversary and asked if we would come up with a project, and we pitched VR with Kaws. They were totally into it!”


The result—an ultra-colorful, playful yet still sinister virtual reality imagining of aKaws studio visit gone awry—brought in the likes of Marisa Tomei, artist Mary Frey, Mark Gonzales, Arsun Sorrenti, and more to take in the artistic experience and explore the library after dark.


“So many people haven’t experienced VR yet!” said Kaliardos, as friends sipped Moët & Chandon and snacked on M&M’s sugar cookies.


“We really wanted to do something here because the Library owns the entire collection of Visionaire, and we think VR is the next kind of publishing,” offered Dean. “To me, what was so exciting was this idea of a big brand like M&M’s being a patron of the arts. They are funding an incredible art film by Kaws. The film is totally true to Kaws. Kaws loves it. We love it. It’s not a commercial. It’s not an advertisement. It’s a beautiful collaboration. I feel like it’s the future of advertising, the future of art, and the future of corporations.”

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