Virtual Reality Raves Less Fake Than EDM Festivals

Virtual Reality Raves Less Fake Than EDM Festivals
November 3, 2016

Developers of a virtual reality rave game have claimed that it is “progressing well” and is “a lot less fake than an EDM festival”.
Independent games company 2CI Gaming believe the game, set to be titled VR Rave 2017, will be ready for release in the next two weeks and have confirmed that beta testing began some time ago.
According to the game’s chief developer, Hedotake Ketancoke, users will be allowed to sample raves on every continent and face challenges ranging from strict security searches, making your way to the front, finding your friends at the end and pretending you’re sober enough to get into the after party.
“VR Rave 2017 will definitely be the most advanced piece of virtual reality software available on the market this Christmas,” confirmed Mr Ketancoke during a brief chat with Wunderground yesterday. “Beta testing has been running for around three months now and we’ve found that people who have been to EDM festivals claim it is the most realistic rave they’ve ever been to.”
Game tester Brad Gurning also spoke to Wunderground, “I’ve never experienced anything like that before, and I’ve been to Ultra, Tomorrowland and EDC, it was the single most immersive moment of my life, it blew my mind man, I want to play it all the time.”
“Every detail, from having to hide my molly up my ass to queueing for forty five minutes at a bar for a beer, was perfect,” continued Gurning. “All of the people in there, even though they were all AI, seemed so genuine, the total opposite to what I’ve experienced at any of the real life EDM festivals I’ve been to. This is a must have for Christmas.”
Mr Ketancoke would not confirm or deny whether there is a hidden bonus level in the game where ravers get to throw rotten tomatoes at DJ Sneak, although he did admit that it was highly likely.

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