Virtual Reality Is Heading To Nevada Casinos

Virtual Reality Is Heading To Nevada Casinos
January 1, 2019
Gamblers play a virtual reality casino game earlier in 2018 at the IGT-developed virtual zone inside The Orleans in Las Vegas. Currently, the virtual zone is not operating in any Nevada casinos..COURTSEY OF IGT


Virtual reality is potentially making its way onto the casino floors in Nevada. 


These VR experiences may be fantasy, but the money on the line is real. International Game Technology, or IGT, in Reno has developed what it calls Virtual Zone booths for players to try their hand at archery-themed VR games. The company and casino industry are looking to evolve due to changing gambling habits. 


The company initially rolled out a pair of competitive VR booths at two casinos in Las Vegas in the spring. Currently, there are no longer any in Nevada casinos. The game received a variety of mixed feedback.


Officials with IGT say they are refining the product before looking at a mass launch.

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