Virry VR Takes You On Safari With PSVR

Virry VR Takes You On Safari With PSVR
April 5, 2017

PlayStation VR is about so much more than games, and it's a damn good thing Sony recognises that. Virry VR is the latest "experience" to hit the device: a safari application that brings you face-to-face with lions, zebras, and baby elephants. Unsurprisingly, it's pretty bloody cool.


While this isn't 3D footage and subsequently lacks the sense of depth that you may be used to in virtual reality, it's some of the highest quality 360-degree video that we've witnessed thus far. All of the clips have been shot in 4K, and while that's obviously a higher resolution than Sony's headset can display, it means that the image quality is about the best you can expect from the device.


It's not just the quality of the video that makes this appealing, though – it's the content, too. Coming literally nose-to-nose with a zebra is an opportunity that you're unlikely to ever have in real-life; even if you physically went on safari, you're unlikely to ever get this close to the animals.


While this isn't a game per se, there is interactivity: quizzes and small gestures such as throwing out food help to connect you to the videos that you're watching. And the narration is good, toeing the line between genuine education and conservation awareness without being heavy-handed or preachy. It's really good.

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