VILLETTE, Red Bull Team To Release 360 VR MV

VILLETTE, Red Bull Team To Release 360 VR MV
May 20, 2018

Kiwi singer and producer VILLETTE team up with longtime partner Red Bull Music to release a 360 VR music video for her forthcoming single ‘Money’.


The video for Money lets viewers experience the singer’s personal and inspiring world through taking on the perspective of an ex-lover haunted by dreamlike visions of VILLETTE. Together with award winning, digital production company Baron VR, VILLETTE has brought the story behind Money to (virtual) life in both an intimate and immersive way.


The track captivates her audience through hauntingly beautiful lyrics and melody and is proof of the incredible talent of this upcoming artist. The story behind Money is a personal tale of lost love and complex emotions that manifests in a visually compelling, immersive dreamscape.

VILLETTE says her experience working to make her first VR video was intense and a massive high.


“The amount of tech work and behind the scenes technology was more than I had ever imagined. Red Bull made my transition to LA from NZ so easy and gave me room to breathe as an artist while simultaneously being there for me 100% and giving me the tools to create this VR video with a great team.” - VILLETTE

In collaboration with Red Bull Music, Baron VR worked with director Parker Howell, choreographer Nina McNeely (who has previously worked with Björk and Rihanna) and movement artist Danny Gutierrez (Cirque du Soleil) to realize VILLETTE’s vision for Money. The collaboration has led to a boundary-pushing 360 VR experience that gave VILLETTE full control over her creative ideas and is both an expression of her musical talent as well as an outlook on what’s to come in her future.

After initially being introduced to Red Bull by NZ collective MADCAP MUSIC, VILLETTE performed her first Red Bull Music show in Auckland in 2016, followed by a special appearance at the Stones Throw Records 20th Anniversary Tour the same year. During Red Bull’s 30 Days in LA Festival in 2016, she performed alongside AlunaGeorge and Xavier Ömar and has since released her acclaimed eight track mixtape “Drip Crimson”.



VILLETTE is the definition of a one-(wo)man-band. From writing, singing, producing, DJing, you name it – she’s doing it. Born and raised in New Zealand, VILLETTE’s sound is a mix of R&B, Hip Hop & Electronic Soul. VILLETTE has been hand-picked to open for acts/labels such as Stones Throw RecordsMNDSGNJ-RoccEgyptian LoverPeanut Butter Wolf, a number of Soulection artists, and most recently AlunaGeorge to name a few.


Her production and vocals have taken her on a NZ, Australian & USA tour, with her 2017 mixtape “Drip Crimson” premiering though international magazine i-D.


"She's one of those finds that gets you hooked, desperate for more... Possessing one of the better voices I’ve heard in a while, her smoky blend of RnB, soul and electronic elements makes for a smooth backdrop for her voice to glide over. Effortlessly, her vocals fall soft but powerful in her track ‘Sedate’, a track taken from her EP Crimson Girl. Warm synth chords and skittering beats kick the track off, before cymbals and Villette‘s to-die-for voice soulfully sighs her intimate lyrics." - Purple Sneakers


"VILLETTE, a new 20-year-old artist from Auckland, New Zealand does it all. She sings, produces, DJs, and writes all her own material, and, while she's only been releasing music on her SoundCloud page for less than a year, recognizing what potential she has has been fairly easy." - HillyDilly


“Somewhere Between Erykah and Jhené is New Zealand's Villette” - Noisey



For 20 years, Red Bull has been committed to moving culture forward across the globe by giving wings to artists and their ideas. Red Bull Music is a continuation of this commitment. With multiple Red Bull Music Festivals, music education workshops, collaborations with artists and thousands of initiatives supporting local music communities around the world, the program celebrates music, its culture and the transformative minds behind it.



Instagram: @villettedasha

Facebook: iamvillette

Soundcloud: villettedasha


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