UK Casting: Join VR Experimental Film BlindSight

UK Casting: Join VR Experimental Film BlindSight
August 20, 2018
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Hello and welcome to one of our shoutouts for projects casting around the U.K. As always there’s a mix of opportunities for all ages, abilities, and locations but do remember to check if you fit the bill before applying. Although we make every attempt to verify castings before we hit publish, please ensure that you do your own research before firing off those headshots and Backstage links.



Acclaimed writer-director Christopher Nicholson and cutting-edge producer Sara Coppola-Nicholson are testing a new concept for a feature-length VR film called “BlindSight.” They’re looking for British actors to be a part of the experiment.


“BlindSight” follows Jude, who wakes up after an unexplained head injury. As his eyesight begins to fail, he begins seeing more than he ever expected.


The full-length film is written for both virtual reality and conventional cinema, combining an avant-garde feeling with emerging technology.


The team is now creating a 10-minute proof of concept for a Hollywood Studio, testing three sequences of the script. Despite the technology, talented and committed actors will be key to the success of this experiment. The team is looking for two male performers who can work within a new approach called Virtual Theatre. This will be discussed and workshopped with the director in preparation for the shoot.


Canice is for a white actor, aged 28–32. He’s British or American with a very posh accent and tonnes of charisma and class. He’s cultured and “the winner of the genetic lottery.” He can dominate any room he enters.


Jude is also for a white actor, aged 28–32, who is British or American. He’s a loner who prefers using as few words as possible. Only Jude’s voice will be heard but you’ll need to be available for every shoot.


Filming dates and locations are TBC but rehearsals will be in London and the shoot will be in Germany and L.A. with travel and accommodation provided by the production. Roles are paid as per Equity’s Non-Commercial Short Film contract template at £138 for each shoot day. The team is clear that this proof of concept is for internal use only and will not be made available to the public.

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