Trike Charts 360-Degree Views Of Winnipeg Trails

Trike Charts 360-Degree Views Of Winnipeg Trails
July 26, 2017
The Winnipeg Trails Association's special Google-mapping trike.


Cyclists and walkers will soon have a 360-degree view of their routes before they even hit the trails.


The Winnipeg Trails Association is partnering with Google Maps to chart the city’s trails – Street View-style – for a new summertime project.


The trademark 360-degree camera is set atop a special trike, rented out from Natural Cycleworks, to cruise through the city’s multi-path trails.


Daniel Reihl, assistant coordinator with the Winnipeg Trails Association, said the new mapping tool will put cyclists and pedestrians on more of an equal footing with drivers. But it will also help the association find trail “deficiencies” – including areas where a bike lane is lacking or a route needs paving.


“If we can give this technology to everyone, I think it would be incredibly useful and help a lot of people out,” he said.


(Added bonus: Cyclists and pedestrians might become Google Map-famous, if they’re lucky enough to be caught on the street view camera.)


The internet giant initially asked for a few trails to be mapped out, but that wasn’t enough for the association, which relies on volunteers. They have decided to tackle every trail in the city.


But for that, they need more volunteers to sit in the trike seat and pedal a few kilometres throughout the city.


“Anyone that wants to ride this thing is more than welcome,” said Reihl. “There are a lot of kilometres that we do need to cover, so it would be great to have some people that are really stoked to do it.”


The cyclists will be mapping out the city’s trails until Aug. 17. 

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