TheWaveVR Is A Killer VR Music App

TheWaveVR Is A Killer VR Music App
April 24, 2017

I was totally and completely blown away by this app, I absolutely had to write about it and share it with you. This app is, without the shadow of a doubt, going to change the VR landscape for the foreseeable future. I honestly can’t rave about this enough.


Coming off the back of raising $4m in their seed round, I can see why TheWaveVR is definitely going to be a killer app for the HTC Vive.


I first became aware of this app because someone I know is their adviser and he posted about it on Facebook. Being the ever curious VR enthusiast / game developer that I am, I naturally had to check it out. When I saw it was free, I didn’t think it was possible for this to become my favorite VR massive multiplayer experience, but it is. Why? Well, let me try and explain.


A new platform for music


TheWaveVR is a new multiplayer musical platform that has single and massively multiplayer aspects to it. You can practice on your own by mixing your tracks and sound + visual effects, or you could join the show every week and enjoy it with hundreds of other people. Right now it’s just people from the U.S. but hopefully they’ll open it to the rest of the world once they sort out their music licensing issues.

Mixing your own music in your cave


Your Cave


When you first boot up TheWaveVR, you’re given a brief tutorial. They show you your “cave”, which is your own room/party where you can host a show for your friends while you’re in the DJ booth spinning samples they have laid out for you. Like a typical rig, you have two turn tables and multiple effects where you can change the volume, tempo, and even add really cool sound effects. While the tracks are spinning you can teleport over to the visual effects station and make wild visuals to accompany the music. I’d say I spent about an hour just playing in my own cave all by myself because I was waiting until the weekly show to start (which wasn’t until the next day).

Exploring outside the Social Lobby


Social Lobby


During the tutorial you’re taken to the Social Lobby where you can meet up with your friends, or total strangers, buy Trip Potions, or just wander around collecting free in-game currency and exploring the world. Trip Potions are little orbs in your inventory you can share with other people either in the lobby or in a show. If I were you, I’d walk (read: teleport) all around the Social Lobby and collect as much free money as possible, buy as many Trip Potions as you possibly can, and wait for the weekly show they call The Wednesday Wave. Trip Potions cost in-game currency, which you can walk around and pick up for free (in the current build). During a show, you pull one out of your inventory and “share” it with someone else in the room also enjoying the show.


You can easily spend at least an hour in the Social Lobby all by yourself just wandering around looking at all the cool stuff and picking up free currency.


Trip Potion


The Wednesday Wave


Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait an entire week to experience a show since the timer in the Social Lobby said there’d be a new show in less than 24 hours. I made sure to sign up on their website so I’d find out about future shows as well.


I came a few minutes late to this week’s show because my dinner ran late, but just as well since they hadn’t started anyway. Apparently they were having some technical issues and I was able to make a bunch of friends in the room where the show was about to start (if you’re in the Social Lobby just look for the billboard that says when the next show is, and teleport to it).


I’ve never experienced anything like this in the 30+ years I’ve been playing and making games.


Once the show started all of my senses were amp’d up because it felt like I was at a rave tripping on some illicit drug from my misspent youth. The music was pumping through me just as if I was on the dance floor with the exception that they also put on an incredible visual effects show you won’t believe is even possible until you experience it. While you’re there, dancing with everyone else (you can’t help but to dance because the music just moves you), this is where you want to open your inventory and “share” your Trip Potions. Depending on which ones you purchased in the Social Lobby, each one does something different. They’re called Trip Potions because they make you feel like you’re tripping on some type of psychedelic drug but you’re 100% sober. I’ve never experienced anything like this in the 30+ years I’ve been playing and making games.


A Wave Deity


The developers have big things in store for this, and knowing they just raised a bunch of dough, you can bet this is going to be the adult version of Rec Room because everyone with an HTC Vive that likes music is going to absolutely love this experience. There are literally *so* many things (Wave Deity anybody?) I absolutely love about this but I want you to experience it for yourself, so go download it and start exploring while you’re waiting for the next Wednesday Wave. The game literally just came out a week or so ago and it already has 95 reviews on Steam with a 98% approval rating. I normally don’t write reviews for games, but I was so moved by this experience I knew I had to share it with the world.


Update: Although I don’t own an Oculus Rift, I just saw that someone posted in the comments section on Steam it works with the Rift + Touch controllers.

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