‘Technolust’ Cyberpunk Dystopia Gets A Discount

‘Technolust’ Cyberpunk Dystopia Gets A Discount
August 4, 2017

Gritty cyberpunk dystopian virtual reality (VR) experience TECHNOLUST is currently listed as one of the ‘Must Haves’ on the Oculus Rift website, and the title has just had its price dropped to $19.99 (USD) /£14.99 (GBP) on the Oculus Store.


TECHNOLUST was originally launched for Oculus Rift back in May 2016, and received largely positive reception, garnering several awards, such as the 2016 Unity Vision AR/VR Award for Artistic Achievement, and two Proto Awards for Best Art Direction and Best Sound Design.


The title is presented in the form of a visual novel, where the player explores the dark, cyberpunk environments, interacting with various unusual characters and slowly uncovering a story involving mass suicides, A.I. revolutions and rogue mega-corporations. Gameplay involves two primary elements: Mini-games and puzzle solving, with several of the mini-games taking the form of classic arcade titles such as Space Invaders along with utilising many references to classic cyberpunk film and literature, as well as shout-outs that will be familiar to those who have been immersed in VR culture and industry for some time.


TECHNOLUST also recently introduced a large update that introduced support for the Oculus Touch and added a new quest line and several other bug fixes and performance improvements.

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