TARGO Original Stories Come To Oculus Go

TARGO Original Stories Come To Oculus Go
October 31, 2018

TARGO launches its Oculus Go application to distribute its original documentaries directly on the platform. Twice a month, TARGO will premiere new documentaries on extraordinary stories directly in its Oculus Go application. This is an important addition to TARGO distribution channels.


Since the brand is already published in the most popular VR applications across all headsets platforms, the ambition is to anchor its presence in the consumer side of the VR market. “It’s an important milestone for TARGO that will increase our visibility among VR users and allow us to connect directly with our audience,” says Victor Agulhon, TARGO co-founder.


TARGO will publish its signature stories on the application. The media has built its reputation releasing fascinating and magnetic documentaries on unsuspected topics: tractors racing competition, real-life ghost hunting, a freefall dancer….


TARGO documentaries tell the stories of people who follow their inner voices: those who do not follow, those who differ. “We have identified a type of content that really fits virtual reality in terms of format and narratives” says Chloé Rochereuil, TARGO editor-in-chief.


The service will be the home to all of TARGO documentaries, providing its users with a comprehensive experience. It will give them the perspective to explore the depth of TARGO experiences while giving them a privileged access at the new releases. Developing an application specifically for the Oculus Go makes sense in the context of the Oculus Go being a great consumer headset and a terrific product to experience 360° videos.


“We’ve seen a change in the way the people use headsets with the Oculus Go. Users are simply more engaged. They use it more often and for longer periods of time” says Victor Agulhon, TARGO co-founder. With TARGO being one of the leading media companies in the world to publish regularly great virtual reality content, the release of an Oculus Go application is a step forward offering more engaging content on the platform.

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