Syfy’s TV Series Uses VR For VFX Rehearsals

Syfy’s TV Series Uses VR For VFX Rehearsals
July 11, 2017

The Expanse may be set in the future, but it's using modern technology to change the way actors relate to special effects.


I am not gonna lie - The Expanse is not only one of my absolute favourite television series, but I love the books as well. So it's really easy for me to get excited about anything to do with the show.


But I think this is legitimately cool.


Yesterday one the VFX crew tweeted a photo that was quite striking. The cast and crew are just coming back together to film the series' third season; it's early days yet, but rehearsals are already under way... in the show's 'VR room' (are they all readers of VRrOOm?)

The pic shows two of the cast - Cas Anvar and Steven Strait - in Vive headsets, as they navigate a virtual version of the ship their characters pilot, the Rocinante. As Anvar tweeted "Omg this was so fun!!The best VR I've ever been on!Was literally standin on the side of the Roci with Holden walkin around doin a space walk."


(Cas talks like this because he's pretty much always in-character, and always pretending to be from Mars' Mariner Valley. Where they have Texan accents. Look, just watch it or read it).


Regardless, this is a great use of VR, as it lets actors really get to grips with the visual effects they'll be reacting with in post-production, rather than relying on vague directions or terrible. Lucas-esque green-screen mock-ups. In many productions, actors only ever get to see these effects once the season is complete.


Now, if they can only release that VR file to the public, I'll be one happy beltalowda. 

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