'Summer Lesson' New Trailer: All About Pantyhose

'Summer Lesson' New Trailer: All About Pantyhose
November 18, 2016

Remember VR Kanojo, the adult virtual reality interaction game that comes with an very close resemblance to Bandai Namco’s Summer Lesson, but actually lets you go to home base with the protagonist Sakura? Today it received two new trailers from its developer Illusion.


The trailers are actually quite peculiar, because they focus very closely on a single element, a pantyhose that has been added to the demo that was recently released on October 28th. You can also see it and it’s “overwhelming texture” (no, I’m not making it up), in the screenshot at the bottom of the post.


Incidentally, the second trailer includes a 360 degrees view, so you can enjoy peeking around. This is a virtual reality game, after all.


The pantyhose is meant to be an example of the many articles of clothing that will come with the game, which is actually something in which Summer Lesson is a bit lacking.


VR Kanojo was announced on October 12th, and will be released in January 2017 for Oculus Rift and HCT Vive.


Incidentally, the trailer is fairly safe for work, as long as you consider safe for work an extremely close view of a girl’s legs wrapped in a pantyhose.

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