Students Experience U.S. Army In VR

Students Experience U.S. Army In VR
Luke Chamberlain, a junior at Hastings High School, tests the AH-64 Apache Helicopter simulator inside the U.S. Army truck that visited HHS. Michelle Wirth / RiverTown Multimedia


Hastings High School students got to test out some of the action and adventure someone in the United States Army might experience March 28 with some virtual reality equipment.


The exhibition was set up in the north parking lot at HHS. A large truck was parked next to the tents that had been set up. Michael Beck, with the U.S. Army Recruiting Company in Minneapolis, said the truck travels all across the country. It contains equipment for virtual reality experiences and a simulator for an AH-64 Apache Helicopter.


"Their goal is to show people different opportunities that the Army has to offer," Beck said.


Several recruiters from the Twin Cities attended the exhibit at HHS to share what opportunities are available through the U.S. Army. They explained the different benefits of military service and answered questions.


"The biggest misconception that people have is that people in the Army only run around with rifles and drive tanks and there's so much more to that," Beck said.


There are more than 150 jobs or occupational specialties in the Army. In addition, there are a lot of education benefits including scholarships, he said.

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