Strange Beasts Is Like A 'Black Mirror' Side Story

Strange Beasts Is Like A 'Black Mirror' Side Story
May 25, 2018

Almost everyone is on that virtual reality craze at the moment, from the Rick and Morty's VR game to the rogues who made that controversial 9/11 simulator back in 2015.


And in this short film, which dominated Vimeo back in 2017, a new augmented reality game is once-again taking a creepy-as-fuck turn for the worst.


Written and directed by London-based animator Magali Barbé, "Strange Beasts" is a sci-fi thriller that purports to be an infomercial about a new AR game, similar to Pokemon Go and a 90s Tamagotchi.


The five-minute video depicts itself just like Adult Swim's "Unedited Footage of a Bear", in as much as its really convincing as a mundane advert.


But it wouldn't look out of place in Charlie Brooker's acclaimed "Black Mirror" series.


Victor Weber, Strange Beasts' founder, explains how the game lets you create your own miniature creature that you can interact with just like you would a real pet.


When he takes his daughter to the park to play with her own custom-made avatar, however, this mildly interesting new tech takes a super dark twist.

Watch it above.

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