Stephen King TV Series Gets The VR Treatment

Stephen King TV Series Gets The VR Treatment
June 26, 2018

To promote the second season of the television adaptation, AT&T will set up a virtual escape-the-room experience during this summers' Comic Con, replete with interactive games to fully immerse fans in a mysterious challenge


AT&T is advertising the second season of its show Mr. Mercedes, adapted from the Stephen King novel, with an escape-the-room game called The Mr. Mercedes Immersive Experience. The event includes augmented reality as well as virtual reality, a recreation of the physical world of Mr. Mercedes and even a private screening for some lucky audience members, debuting at the San Diego Comic Con this July.


Recreating the show in an interactive game serves to increase interest in and awareness of the show as well as gain social media traction with user-generated content. Additionally, given the show’s mysterious and dark nature, this puzzle-solving experience that is currently on trend is fitting. More and more digital brands are starting to materialize their marketing efforts with interactive campaigns to give their products a tangible element.

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