Startup Offers You Lucid Dreams Like In 'Inception'

Startup Offers You Lucid Dreams Like In 'Inception'
September 21, 2016
Experience lucid dream as per your convenience with the help of EEG IBand.

What is iBand?
Doesn’t everyone wish they could dream like they show in the movie Inception? Well, now you can! Amsterdam-based Tech- startup known as Arenar has launched a new wearable hand band EEG (Electroencephalogram) that helps users to dream lucidly, to fall asleep, and also to wake up easily.
How can this help us?
Over 70 million people in United States face sleep and restiveness troubles. In order to overcome this problem Arenar created a device which consists of iBand, headband, pillow speakers and smart companion app too. The team believes that Dreams can be utmost real Virtual Reality experience since there doesn’t apply any rules. If one practices lucid dreaming, it can aid them in various areas like artistic creativity, problem-solving, and language skills.

How does it work?
The headband is vital as its checks on an individual brainwaves, body movement, heart rate and body temperature as they sleep. It also monitors our REM stage of sleep. The features of this device are lucid dreaming, helping to induce lucid dreams with customizable audio-visual cues, sleep improvement and tracking, smart alarm and health tracking.
Tech Specs
The technical specifications of iBand includes its Dry EEG electrodes meaning no preparation or any adhesive gel, low noise EEG sensing, 4 RGB LEDs that produce around 16 million colors. Moreover it has 3D accelerometer for body movement and Bluetooth wireless range of about 10m/ 33 ft.
If you want to experience lucid dreams, grab this wonderful iBand. buy it for € 129 from their Kickstarter campaign. The product is slated to hit the market in July 2017. How excited are you about being able to dream like in Inception? Do share your thoughts in our comment section below.

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