Star Child VR Premieres At Tribeca

Star Child VR Premieres At Tribeca
April 23, 2018

Texas-based game studio Playful Corp and developer-retailer GameTrust premiered the all-new virtual reality experience Star Child at the Tribeca Film Festival’s Immersive Arcade recently. The exclusive hands-on demo gave attendees the first playable experience for the futuristic adventure title (coming this year to PlayStation VR) since it debuted at E3 2017.


Star Child will be exhibited in the Immersive Arcade through Sunday, April 29. Can’t make it to Tribeca? Get a glimpse at the demo below.


Star Child is the story of Spectra, a deep space repair technician on a mission to aid an intergalactic facility. Spectra and her partner, King, find themselves in a race against a dangerous entity – a hostile, overwhelming force that threatens to destroy everything. The demo debuting today features Spectra’s first major task in bringing the Meridian Facility back online – with unexpected results.


The new demo transports the user into a visually rich sci-fi world viewed through a cinematic lens, where narrative and gameplay are woven seamlessly together. Focus on the story is left unclouded by onscreen displays or other UI elements — instead, a simple control scheme allows players of all experience levels to interact intuitively with the Meridian Facility, explore the alien world, and puzzle out the challenges presented.


“We are drawn to the possibilities new technologies provide in reaching new audiences, creating a stronger connection between them and our characters. Our team is building a unique narrative and story approach for Star Child, and we hope this allows players to truly explore this world in their own way,” said Playful Corp Founder & CEO Paul Bettner.

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