Sprint Vector Kicks Off ESL Qualifiers

Sprint Vector Kicks Off ESL Qualifiers
June 18, 2018

Fast paced VR racing title Sprint Vector have announced the start of their ESL qualifiers for those looking to become a VR eSports star. Ever Friday throughout this month, ESL will be hosting an open online qualifier for Sprint Vector players around the world through Oculus Home and Steam.


There are reasons to care about this though, as the Oculus-sponsored VR League will feature over $2,000 (USD) in prize money from the online qualifiers and a share of $25,000 (USD) in the finals. Elsewhere, Community Cup champs will be given their own Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch setup and a chance to complete in the finals for $25,000 (USD) prize pool, which is available thorough Steam.


If you are looking to enter the VR League and Community Cups then you can do so via the official website.


Writer Peter Graham reviewed Sprint Vector saying: “There’s very little to dislike in Sprint Vector. Sure there will be times when that competitive edge over takes you, getting annoyed when you fudge a jump but that’s to be expected. The single-player has enough to get you started with a few hours of gameplay, yet it’s the multiplayer that’ll have you coming back for more. Here’s hoping that Sprint Vector draws in enough of a crowd to sustain it, rather than becoming another multiplayer focused experience that gets forgotten about. Which would be a shame, because from where They are standing Sprint Vector is another hit for the studio.”

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