Space Dream Blends Music, Narrative & Gameplay

Space Dream Blends Music, Narrative & Gameplay
November 24, 2016

Space Dream is an entirely new form of media, blending elements of Music Visualization, Storytelling & Virtual Reality Gameplay.


As a one-man-studio, the creator developed the entirety of the game, fulfilling the role of 3D Artist, Animator, Programmer and Musician. A passionate artist, he is looking to continue development to improve the game's quality & also make the game available for all VR devices.


However, he can currently only afford to develop the game for the HTC Vive, so if you are interested in helping the development process, preordering will allow help him generate the funds required to speed up the game's completion date & also make it avaliable for all VR Devices by buying and testing it with the Oculus Rift, Gear VR & Standard PC Desktop mode.


Its only $20, which is very low cost when compared to the price of VR games on Steam. For more info, screenshots & the option to preorder, please visit

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