Smurfs: The Lost Village Now An AR HoloLens Game

Smurfs: The Lost Village Now An AR HoloLens Game
April 8, 2017

Sony Pictures Animation is looking to generate excitement around the launch of its third big screen Smurfs movie, Smurfs: The Lost Village, with an augmented reality game for the Microsoft HoloLens.


AOL and OMD teamed up with the studio to stage a Smurfs invasion of players’ homes in a video game, accompanying the movie’s release.


Marking one of the first branded experiences on the HoloLens platform, the mixed reality experience tasks the team with exploring a mysterious world created by production company Unit9.


Elias Plishner, executive vice president of digital marketing at Sony Picture Entertainment, said, “Smurfs: The Lost Village takes moviegoers into the world of the Smurfs, and the HoloLens allows us to go one better: to bring our world and the Smurfs’ world together in a mixed-reality setting. It’s huge fun for the moviegoer that perfectly whets the appetite for the movie.”


Stuart Morris, executive director at OMD, added: “In the world of movie marketing, immersive storytelling is key for enhancing those moments when a consumer is engaging with one of our movie titles. By virtually immersing consumers within the world of Smurfs: The Lost Village, the AOL HoloLens experience is the perfect example of delivering key storytelling moments in a way no one has seen before. OMD’s close partnership with Sony Pictures Animation ensures that together, we are at the forefront of exciting, story-telling opportunities in a rapidly shifting technological landscape.”


The movie came to theatres 31 March.


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