Sir David Attenborough Comes To The PSVR

Sir David Attenborough Comes To The PSVR
April 11, 2017

There are three new "experiences" available from today for PlayStation Virtual Reality: David Attenborough's First Life VRCocos: Shark Island and Atomic Ghost Fleet.


You might have caught First Life Vwhen it screened at the Australian Museum. It's a 15-minute film narrated by the one and only Sir David Attenborough unearthing the evolution of the first life on Earth. It's our earliest inhabitants, coming face to face with extinct sea creatures - including the fearsome Anomalocaris and the curious looking Opabinia.


Sony says First Life is a "fully rendered 360 CGI environment" created by award winning SFX studio ZooFX - who have created graphics for Hollywood films including Gravity.

Cocos: Shark Island takes you to an island paradise just off the coast of Costa Rica, where you dive deep to discover its incredible wildlife. As night falls, the underwater world transforms as you witness first-hand what a shark feeding frenzy is like in the deep dark of night.

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Atomic Ghost Fleet, is described as an "18-minute underwater dive into a World War 2 warship graveyard located in the Bikini Atoll, in the crystal blue waters of the tropical Pacific". You'll go inside the hidden rooms of ships - including the USS Saratoga, the biggest and most impressive ship sunk during Operation Crossroads (enemy forces claimed to have destroyed the ship on numerous occasions during the war).


You can grab all three experiences on the PlayStation Store.

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