SI 360 Videos: Virtual Sensuality, Real Rubbish

SI 360 Videos: Virtual Sensuality, Real Rubbish
July 19, 2017

Apparently Sports Illustrated didn’t learn its lesson after it released its first virtual reality video because the magazine recently dropped another one.


SI Swimsuit previously released a video starring Hannah Davis in a virtual reality, but good luck catching a glimpse of her. You’re mostly just going to see a bunch of random dudes instead of models.

Well, the mag followed up that idea with one of Kate Upton and Hannah Ferguson together. The video is titled, “Kate Upton & Hannah Ferguson In 360 VR On Fiji,” and it’s just as bad as the first one. 

I’m never a fan of people losing their jobs. I think it’s almost always an awful thing and should be avoided at all costs. However, who at Sports Illustrated is pitching these ideas for virtual reality where the viewer is more likely to see a dude than Upton or Ferguson? This is day one stuff. Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue is about seeing models in bikinis, and sometimes less than that. 


Nobody, and I’m speaking with supreme confidence here, has ever opened up the swimsuit magazine or watched one of the videos in hopes of seeing an out-of-shape shirtless cameraman.


Get your act together, SI, because this is a bad look.

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