SF: VR Ushers New Era For Adult Entertainment

SF: VR Ushers New Era For Adult Entertainment
April 8, 2017

Virtual reality has hit the ground running with the number of new devices and games released for it in the past year. Daniel Diallo, formerly a game designer, wants to take VR elsewhere: adult entertainment. He’s developing a new VR application for the strip club, Gold Club, in San Francisco.


Diallo wants to bring the immersive experience of being at a strip club into the privacy of a member’s home. Viewers with the VR application can watch taped footage of the dancers in a computer-generated replica of the Gold Club.

Diallo used 360-degree cameras for the computers to generate every corner of the club, allowing audience members to freely look around. Those watching a woman dance can purchase a variety of routines and tip them, similar to being in a real strip club.

The Gold Club VR application will have a soft launch in November 2017.

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