'Sex In The City' Lets You Virtually Bang Carrie!

'Sex In The City' Lets You Virtually Bang Carrie!
May 6, 2018

Get ready for a "Sex and the City" reboot where there's wayyy more sex, more than just talk about vibrators, and you can bang the stars ... or at least virtually experience it.


Not sure what the hell took so long for this to happen ... but the porn company, Reality Lovers, is rolling out a virtual reality spoof series called, "Sex in the City." It's the first-ever episodic VR porn series.


They're keeping the OG character names, but we're guessing you'll get a much, umm ... deeper appreciation for Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha in the XXX version. Well, maybe not Samantha -- Kim Cattrall was a total freak. 


We're told the porn version -- which debuts online May 16 -- will stick to many of the HBO series' story lines. Translation: the famed Rabbit will make an appearance.


No word on who's playing Mr. Big, but expectations will high ... especially in VR.

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