See What A Disabled Child Feels, Through VR

See What A Disabled Child Feels, Through VR
November 12, 2016

Virtual reality helps build empathy.


A new application called “Making it Accessible” demonstrates how a child with physical, hearing, or autism disabilities can feel.


Developed by Edge-MT, a VR/AR production company from Israel, the application aims to shape positive attitudes toward children, youth and adults with disabilities.


Virtual reality is the “best way to elicit empathy and solidarity” said Liron Zuckerman, Co-Founder of Edge-MT. Therefore, the company decided to “highlight the limitations that children and youth with disabilities face,” through a VR application.


The app creates simulations of situations that occur in a park, as they would be experienced by youth with disabilities, such as physical disability, visual and hearing impairment, or autism spectrum disability.


“The Making it Accessible” is free to download from Google Play or iTunes.


The VR application was funded by JDC-Ashalim, Israel’s Ministry of Education, Israel’s Ministry of Social Affairs, the Shalem Foundation, Israel’s National Insurance Institute, Israel’s Council of Youth Movements, and Elwyn Israel.

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