Samsung & Tough Mudder Team Up For VR Event

Samsung & Tough Mudder Team Up For VR Event
August 1, 2017

You'd think the guys behind the crazy outdoor obstacle event Tough Mudder wouldn't want to put people off the event, but the US-based startup has gone and teamed up with Korean phone giant Samsung - meaning anyone can experience the mud-filled pits and icy trenches, in 360-degrees, before they even take part.


The idea behind the partnership is to offer terrified participants the chance to experience the extreme 12-mile courses in virtual reality before the main event from a rage of Samsung devices – such as Gear VR headsets, Gear 360 portable cameras and wearable fitness devices. 

People can now scope out the Tough Mudder courses in 360 degrees with Samsung VR


“Participants will have access to 360 preview video content of each obstacle course event, helping them prepare for the challenge ahead and allowing people all over the world to enjoy the full experience from their devices,” Tough Mudder said in its announcement.


But if anything, getting to experience in 360 degrees how hardcore this endurance event can be before you even sign up, will surely only have the opposite effect of encouraging people to sign up? Nevertheless, the partnership will run from now until the end of the Tough Mudder 2018 event season.


Samsung will also be developing training programmes across its best wearable fitness devices, including the Gear S3, designed to “facilitate Mudders’ training ahead of each event”.


Samsung said it will have at Tough Mudder’s UK events in 2017, the tech giant will also have an on-site presence in the Mudder Village, in a bid to enhance the experience for participants and spectators by providing exclusive VR footage of Tough Mudder courses on Samsung devices, product displays and the chance to go head-to-head in a challenge fit for the toughest of Mudders.

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