Robert Rodriguez Talks His Upcoming VR Film

Robert Rodriguez Talks His Upcoming VR Film
October 11, 2018

Without a doubt, Robert Rodriguez is someone who is best known for his work in the realm of filmmaking. But, in addition to that, he’s also been someone who has an interest in pushing technology and pretty much anything creative under the sun. He famously does a lot of the music for most of his films and got his start as a cartoonist. He is also one of the first filmmakers to pioneer shooting feature films on digital — something that’s become incredibly commonplace these days.


In that same vein, he’s jumping onto another big tech-heavy creative endeavor…virtual reality. Last April, it was revealed that he directed a virtual reality film starring Norman Reedus and Michelle Rodriguez, which put the viewer in the action alongside the stars. While at NYCC last weekend, Rodriguez was asked about the project, The Limit, during a roundtable discussion. Here’s what he had to say:


“I just try to jump into stuff early. It doesn’t always arrive ready to go. So you just got to jump in early. I just shot a virtual reality action film with Michelle Rodriguez and Norman Reedus that comes out next month. It’s awesome. VR … People are always saying, ‘Wait until the next version comes out,’ but then if you’re really creative and innovative you can take the technology that exists today and do something really awesome with it. We went and did it and it’s really cool. You haven’t seen anything like it. It’s coming out next month. It feels like you’re inside of an action film with Michelle … You’re co-starring with Michelle Rodriguez. It’s badass. You’ll be like, “Wait, how did you make that?” It’s like with technology that’s today, just taking it and reconfiguring it and building your own camera and system.”


While I’m not sure something like this will be a huge game-changer, it’s worth keeping in mind that I’m also that guy who has only experienced VR once before just a few months ago. I’m not exactly the pioneering type when it comes to spending money on these gadgets, so perhaps I’m not the best person to speak on this. However, if there is a way to get this experience across without me having to spend hundreds of dollars on equipment, I’d be down. Other than that, I’m not sure how this would be much different from what we got with Hardcore Henry a couple years back (though with Rodriguez’s The Limit, it offers 220-degrees field of view, so that’s a bit different).

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