Rob Steward's New Shocking Film: 'Sharkwater'

Rob Steward's New Shocking Film: 'Sharkwater'
January 30, 2017

SHARKWATER: EXTINCTION is a thrilling and inspiring documentary adventure to save the world’s greatest predator: the shark.  Through a documentary feature, an IMAX version, and a Virtual Reality component we will change your mind about these majestic creatures.


Discovering that sharks are being hunted to extinction – and with them the destruction of our life support system – activist and filmmaker Rob Stewart embarks on a dangerous quest to stop the slaughter. By following the sharks we follow the money into the elusive pirate fishing industry, where Stewart uncovers a multi-billion-dollar scandal that makes us all accomplices in the greatest wildlife massacre ever known. 


This summer, the SHARKWATER team ran a successful Kickstarter that raised over $200,000 to fund our documentary SHARKWATER EXTINCTION. After the campaign ended, our community reached out wanting to continue to contribute and support the project. We’re continuing our crowdfunding with Indiegogo InDemand with exciting perks and updates for our fans. The more you donate, the closer we get to our goal of SAVING SHARKS!


SHARKWATER: EXTINCTION follows Rob’s quest to find the 80 million missing sharks, leading him through 8 countries into the heart of the pirate fishing industry, to expose the scandal that threatens our future. This will be a great oceanic adventure full of the latest camera tech, cutting-edge scientists and the best crew ready to make a film that changes our relationship with sharks forever. Our first films SHARKWATER and REVOLUTION together won 50 awards - but each took four years to complete and sharks don't have that much time! We need your help to change the world now!


We’ve got a story that will make your jaw drop, but what's next is up to you!  We are looking for funds to help complete the IMAX version of the film, that can travel to museums, science centres, and theatres around the world.  And, for this version we need 8K cameras, and the most high tech drones possible to film epic ocean views and to give viewers a chance to learn about sharks in a way they have never seen before.


Sharks are a framework for life in the oceans upon which we depend. 200 million years before the dinosaurs and through five mass extinctions, sharks have shaped our world... but now we're killing 150 million sharks a year! And the craziest part is that scientists can only account for 70 million. There are 80 million sharks a year that are being killed and going missing. This must be stopped – and we know a movie can change everything by raising awareness.

In 2007, we released the film SHARKWATER which brought the plight of sharks to more than 124 million people. The film educates the masses about shark fin soup and the practice of finning, where fishermen keep just the fins and discard the bodies. After the film was released, something beautiful happened... people fought for sharks!

Conservation groups were created, shark finning was banned throughout much of the world, shark fin imports to China dropped as much as 70%, and today shark finning is illegal in many places including California and New York. This was a great success and we inspired change.

Watch 7 Yr Old Luke Ban Shark Fins


Now we have to save sharks from more than soup. We need to save them from industries that are lying, and selling them to us.


Through developing SHARKWATER: EXTINCTION, we've found the 80 million missing sharks.  They're going into our cosmetics, pet food, livestock feed, fertilizer and vaccines! Industries are even renaming sharks - "flake", "rock salmon" and other fake names – and feeding them to us so we don't know we're eating sharks.


We've tested the top cosmetics in North America – and have shocking results to present to you. We've been smearing endangered top predators on our faces without knowing it.  The launch of our #Sharkfree campaign will be big!


Once people find out where these sharks are going, how we're being misled and that we're contributing to the demise of one of the oldest most important predators the planet has – things will change. But we need to get this message out there!


We have designed a film to bring this issue to the masses, to engage our hearts and minds, and to ensure the world changes forever. SHARKWATER taught us something beautiful about humanity – that we'll do the right thing once we know what's going on. In the information age, film is our weapon.



  • * Bring you gorgeous underwater cinematography in 6K and 8K so people fall in love with sharks both through the feature documentary, the IMAX version, and even a VR component that will force you to confront your fear of sharks.


  • * Use the latest technology, 8K drones and top of the line VR cameras 


By supporting our project, you are helping save sharks and educate people by exposing the greatest scandal the oceans have ever seen, and helping a new generation fall in love with these creatures.

We have already begun developing SHARKWATER: EXTINCTION, but we need your support to make it happen.  Sharkwater 1 was a film that broke box office records in theaters, got picked up by major distributors, and changed the world in profound ways. But it took 4 years to make and sharks don't have that much time! In that time, over 600 million sharks will be slaughtered!  We need to keep raising money to get this film completed as soon as possible!


Here’s how we will use our funding:

Securing funding for a documentary of this nature is extremely difficult. Our first campaign was incredibly successful. But costs for the film are high and we're competing for eyeballs with Game of Thrones, Avengers, and the Kardashians – so we need every bit of help we can get. We want to make the film epic, beautiful, heartbreaking and jaw dropping. We need our community to share this, and with your help we can do something extraordinary!

300K gets us the gear we need, including RED 6K cameras to capture sharks in slow motion - so we can portray the personality in each shark - letting the audience make eye contact with them. This benchmark also gets us hidden cameras custom built for our mission, a great musical soundtrack to provide the emotion the film needs, and the ability to travel to more remote locations including Alaska to film Salmon Sharks and the Gulf of Mexico for Mako sharks!

500K gets us a military grade drone that can film high in the sky to film illegal fishing without being seen. This lets us build a body of evidence against the bad guys that can't be ignored and will surely change the world.


We also want to show you how the oceans really work and for that we need to travel with a high powered microscope! The oceans are the most important ecosystem on the planet - regulating concentrations of gasses in the atmosphere and producing at least half of the oxygen in the air we breathe!


By showing audiences the magical and beautiful microscopic life that we depend on for survival, and how sharks control this world - we can change people's relationship with the oceans forever.


Remember - it's life in the oceans that allows life on land!

$1 Million gets us into some high tech submarines to venture into the deep sea, and bring back incredible images of sharks you never knew existed! $1 Million also gets us a full time IMPACT PRODUCER - to ensure the film changes the world BIG TIME. It's not only our future at stake - think of the youth!


Every year, at least 3 million deep sea sharks are killed just for their livers! These are incredible predators that can live more than 150 years, have jet black skin, huge green eyes and many make their own light to communicate with each other. They're also some of the most vulnerable sharks because they reproduce slowly, and are so excited to see food in such a desolate place that they easily bite on hooks. People protect what they love, and without footage to show people the majesty of these creatures - fighting for their protection will be difficult.

Help us reach this goal in order to see an incredible 40 minute 3D GIANT SCREEN version of the film! This goal also lets us shoot with super high speed cameras to show you intimate and crazy moments in the lives of sharks never captured this way before, and host screening events in 10 cities across North America. Because youth need meaning, and now there's a challenge worthy of their ambitions - if we can get them the information!

Rob Stewart started his journey to becoming an award-winning filmmaker at the age of 13 when he began photographing the underwater world. By the age of 18 he became a scuba instructor trainer and then moved on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, studying in Ontario, Jamaica and Kenya.


Before making Sharkwater (2007), Stewart spent four years traveling the world as chief photographer for the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s magazines and as an award-winning freelance photojournalist. Leading expeditions to the most remote areas of the world, Stewart has logged thousands of hours underwater, using the latest in rebreather and camera technologies.


Stewart’s first film Sharkwater was released by Warner Brothers, Disney, Alliance Atlantis, MK2 and others - won 40 awards at top film festivals such as AFI and TIFF, and was seen by more than 124 million people. Stewart's second film Revolution has won more than ten awards and brought the "evolution of life and the revolution to save us" to the masses. 


Stewart is on the board of some leading conservation groups including United Conservationists, Wildaid, Fin Free, Shark Research Institute and the OMEGA Global Initiative. 

Patrice is an avid scuba diver, discovering a love for marine life 10 years ago, during a drift dive on the beautiful reefs of Cozumel. 


Patrice is one of the industry’s most well-respected film and television executives having built major distribution and production organizations for more than 30 years including Alliance Films and Entertainment One (eOne).


Patrice has executive produced over 30 films and television programs including Terry Gilliam's The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Atom Egoyan's The Captive, David Cronenberg's Map to the Stars, Richard Attenborough's Closing the Ring and the 2016 Cannes Director’s Fortnight selection Mean Dreams, directed by Nathan Morlando.


He is a member of the Producers Guild Association (PGA), the British Academy of Film and Television (BAFTA) and The Canadian Academy of Cinema and Television.

Karen always dreamed of becoming a marine biologist and living under the sea, OR working in the film industry. This documentary, SHARKWATER: EXTINCTION, finally blends those two passions. 


Karen produced the feature film KHOYA, which had its theatrical premiere in summer 2016, and played internationally at festivals including The Mumbai Film Festival and the Los Angeles Indian Film Festival. Shaw’s upcoming projects include XX:THE BOX, a female-driven horror anthology to be distributed by Magnolia, the adaptation of Stacey May Fowles’ novel INFIDELITY, and award-winning writer Margaret Atwood’s acclaimed debut novel THE EDIBLE WOMAN.  Shaw is also currently in development on the kids live action series entitled THE NEXT SUPERGEEK.  

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