Rick & Morty Fan Creates Special Snapchat Lens

Rick & Morty Fan Creates Special Snapchat Lens
May 15, 2018

It's not an official app, but for fans of Rick and Morty, it's a welcome piece of the series' universe until the recently renewed animated show returns to Adult Swim.


Created by New York-based filmmaker Gabe Jacobs, the short experience is designed to be viewed via Snapchat as a Lens. Posted as a demo of the Lens last week on Twitter, we can see a user standing in a New York park and then walking into a virtual doorway that leads to the universe of Rick and Morty.


As you enter the portal you can see the usually inebriated scientist, Rick Sanchez, breakdancing as his partner Morty looks on. That's about as interactive as the experience gets, but coming from an independent creator, it's an impressive indication of what's possible as a Snapchat creator using minimal resources.


Jacobs says he used Snapchat's Lens Studio along with Mixamo (an easy to use 3D character animation tool) to create the experience.


But don't expect this to be offered by Adult Swim any time soon, instead, it's more of a promotion for Fermatta, a startup digital agency in New York that's focusing on bringing augmented reality marketing to the world of music artists.

Images by Adam Kane/Twitter


Just a few days ago, the team released a Snapchat-powered music video experience for rap stars Joey Bada$$ (a regular on the critically acclaimed hacker drama Mr. Robot) and A$AP Ferg. You can try that experience out by scanning the Snapcode here.


Like the Rick and Morty Snapchat Lens, the experience is fairly short and limited in terms of interactivity. But when it comes to hardcore fans, whether it's a animated series, or real-life rappers, even short dips into immersive content can be rich and memorable paths toward brand building.

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