Rec Room Social VR To Support Non-VR Devices

Rec Room Social VR To Support Non-VR Devices
December 6, 2018

Rec Room is probably the second largest social VR space in terms of popularity (after VRChat, of course), with a daily peak concurrency in the low to mid-three figures. Unlike VRChat, which has a popular PC client, it's fair to say Rec Room's focus is on VR rigs. (Its PC version is less full-featuredthan its VR client.) 


Last month, however, the developers at Against Gravity posted a survey in the official Reddit groupasking their users, "Would you like to play Rec Room on Android, iPhone, Switch, or something else? Vote in our Platform Survey! Feel free to share with friends/family too." So clearly the devs are planning to make social VR less virtual reality-centric. 


Unsurprisingly, this has provoked some consternation and/or resignation among its VR-heavy fanbase, with the most currently popular thread in its Reddit being, "Rec Room and VR no longer being a priority":

The deprioritization of VR is actually beginning to concern me, the devs are always saying they want to want to make VR a number one priority, but I just don't think that's the case. The platform survey, nearly all gifs from update notes being in screen mode, and the word VR being removed from literally everything about Rec Room show this.


... Remember, at the end of the day, the people who make RecRoom have to eat, pay for their roof, etc. I realize that this isn't something anyone wants to hear, but there likely aren't enough VR players to turn RecRoom in to a profitable free-to-play title. They need more souls in the game when they finally monetize, or no one will be able to afford to work on RecRoom.


Saying "deprioritization" is probably not fair -- it's likely more about building a larger user base using many kinds of devices, VR headsets being one among many. If anything (as we see in VRChat), full rig VR users will probably gain an implicit "elite status", since they're able to be far more expressive within the same space.

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