'Ready Player One' Contest Invites You To Win A Prize

'Ready Player One' Contest Invites You To Win A Prize
February 26, 2018

Real VR has nothing on the Oasis on Ready Player One. But alas, the completely immersive technology in Steven Spielberg‘s upcoming science-fiction movie is decades away from existence.


But you can get a little taste of what it would be like to enter the virtual world of the Oasis with a new Ready Player Onecontest: the Join the Leaderboard sweepstakes.


The year is 2045. The world has reached cataclysmic poverty and devastation in everywhere but the Oasis, a virtual reality game that has consumed the entire population. After the passing of its eccentric founder James Halliday (Mark Rylance), a fervent hunt for his “Easter eggs” ensues. Whoever finds three “keys” will unlock the door to his vast fortune.


Hopefully, the world won’t look quite so dire when we get to 2045, because Ready Player One is banking on its prizes to last until then. The Join the Leaderboard Sweepstakes offers three prizes that will be valid for the next 27 years. They include:

  • Copper Key: Atom Tickets – Enjoy movies on the big screen for free until 2045.
  • Jade Key: Spotify – Win codes for 27 years’ worth of Spotify Premium.
  • Crystal Key: Lyft – Let Lyft take you where you need to go until 2045.


Fans can participate by visiting www.jointheleaderboard.com. Multiple entries can be unlocked by sharing Ready Player One content with friends via the website.


The contest launches today, and was announced in a new Ready Player One promo.

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