Quiz: Are You On Top Of The VR/AR Game?

Quiz: Are You On Top Of The VR/AR Game?
December 26, 2016

Question 1: Which of the following VR headsets is NOT an actual product released in 2016?

  • A. HTC’s Vive
  • B. Facebooks’s Oculus Rift
  • C. Apple’s Masque
  • D. Sony’s PlayStation VR


Question 2: In June of 2016, Greenlight Insights polled US internet users to ask how much they would be willing to pay for a VR device. How many said they would pay $1,000 or more?

  • A. 46%
  • B. 31%
  • C. 18%
  • D. 2%


Question 3: McDonald’s captured attention in 2016 with a VR experience that allowed players to use a virtual paint gun to decorate ...?

  • A. A Burger King restaurant
  • B. A skate park
  • C. A Happy Meal box
  • D. The Golden Arches


Question 4: Pokémon Go is an example of...?

  • A. A virtual reality game
  • B. A fast-food franchise
  • C. An augmented reality game
  • D. A YouTube channel


Question 5: According to GfK, there were how many smartphone-based virtual reality headset sales in Western Europe in the second quarter of 2016?

  • A. 283,000
  • B. 1.2 million
  • C. 640,000
  • D. 2,400


Answer Key:



Question 1

Answer: C. HTC, Facebook and Sony all released headsets this year. Apple did not.


Question 2

Answer: D. Among the 18-60 year olds polled, almost 45% said they would be willing to pay $1 to $199.


Question 3

Answer: C. At South by Southwest this year, visitors to a McDonald’s lounge could paint a virtual Happy Meal box.


Question 4

Answer: C. Pokémon Go is an example of augmented reality, which overlays images on the real world, as opposed to virtual reality, which is fully immersive.


Question 5

Answer: A. The 283,000 units in the second quarter was almost twice the level (164,000) of the first quarter.

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