PowerBeatsVR: Fitness With Full-Body Feedback

PowerBeatsVR: Fitness With Full-Body Feedback
April 13, 2018

Fitness systems combines electrical muscle stimulation with virtual reality.


When engaging in exercise, even just simple stretches, its important to make sure you are moving in the right way, otherwise accidents and injuries can happen. For users exercising using virtual reality (VR), it can be difficult to keep the right posture and movement, so enter Sourcenity and VisionBody who have created a full-body VR fitness experience called PowerBeatsVR.


The VR fitness system involves the integration of EMS fitness suits with VR headsets. This incorporates 6 degrees-of-freedom motion with full-body muscle stimulation from 20 pads placed on the body that provide feedback on your movements.

PowerBeatsVR uses gameplay elements derived from rhythm videogames, with the EMS suit reacting to stimulate muscles from providing a gentle massage-like sensation to real tension feedback. This is designed to enable intense full-body workouts during VR experiences.


EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation, which is the stimulation of muscle contraction using electrical impulses, delivered by electrodes on the skin. This technology has been used extensively for therapeutic applications, such as TENS devices for muscle tension.


Haptic feedback has traditionally been limited to the hands, with vibration motors in controllers or haptic gloves. The PowerBeatsVR system combines EMS with haptic feedback to offer a more complete experience across the whole body.


In a statement, Sourcenity said: “Traditional training at a gym is still great, but requires discipline to maintain or improve your physique. Even the most disciplined athletes often struggle not to break their workout habits. By combining fitness and Virtual Reality, it’s possible to make fitness a habit as addictive as your favorite video games. Studies have shown that VR not only reduces awareness of pain but also changes time perception due to its high immersion and environmental variations. Time will fly by while working out in VR.”

Further information on the PowerBeatsVR fitness system can be found on the official website. For further news on new and upcoming VR projects.

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