Portuguese TV Network Launches HoloLens AR App

Portuguese TV Network Launches HoloLens AR App
October 16, 2016

Portuguese Pay TV network NOS is launching an augmented reality application for HoloLens. Microsoft HoloLens users will be able to use the NOS TV online application for a personalized TV experience. The application will be one of the first in the world.
According to Portuguese media sources, NOS HoloLens application announcement first came at the IDC’s Directions 2016 conference in Lisbon.
“We believe augmented reality has a promising future, especially in the media and entertainment ıindustry, which will help bring more immersive experiences with the most variety of content,” said Pedro Bandeira, product development director of NOS.
On another news, Microsoft is bringing HoloLens to more countries in Europe. Microsoft’s AR headset is opened for preorders in France, Germany, Ireland and the UK with deliveries expected in November.

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