Pornhub Presents Mother's Day Special Gift

Pornhub Presents Mother's Day Special Gift
May 4, 2017

Pornhub wants to help you make this year’s Mother’s Day a time to remember for your mom. The company today announced it will be giving away special greeting cards that turn into VR headsets when folded open. The unusual cards will be adorned with a thoughtful message for your mother as well as a private link to the one thing she “wants but might be afraid to ask for – porn.”


The cheeky greeting cards will be available entirely free of charge and will come in three colors, each accompanied with a different message. The improvised VR headset – playfully dubbed Mommy’s Special Glasses – essentially works like a Google Cardboard copycat with a designated area for smartphones.


“Mother’s Day is the one of the biggest gift buying days of the year and the one time each year when we can truly provide our mothers with unadulterated love.” said Pornhub VP Corey Price.


“While most of us have been going the generic gift giving route – sending cards or flowers or phoning in long distance calls – we thought it apropos to provide our fans with the option to gift them with the one thing every mother wants but is too afraid to ask for.”


The Mommy’s Special Glasses giveaway kicks off today at 16:00 PM ET – and will be available until Pornhub runs out of cards. So head to this page you’ve missed it and help your mom “turn her favorite day of the year into the best night of her life.”


Mommy's Special Glasses Giveaway (SFW) on Pornhub

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