Poliakov Uses VR To Connect With Festival Goers

Poliakov Uses VR To Connect With Festival Goers
Poliakov’s new virtual reality activation aims to forge a deeper connection with consumers


‘Ice Wall’ is a two-minute-long virtual reality activation that allows consumers to “live an extreme experience and interact with the brand”.


It uses a ‘hypersense’ stimulator and Oculus virtual reality glasses, and aims to show that the brand is “both connected and innovative”.


Ice Wall has been rolled out to VinaRock and Marenostrum in Spain and Rock Zottegem in Belgium. The experience will soon be showcased at Spain’s Arenal Sound, Medusa and Granada Sound festivals.


It follows the launch of another immersive digital experience from Poliakov, named Ice Quest, in 2016.


“After Ice Quest’s success, [this] Poliakov virtual reality experience is an incredible opportunity for our target [audience] to re-experience our brand universe in a new, original way,” said Constance Descamps, Poliakov brand manager.


“It enables Poliakov to connect deeply with its consumers and to nurture a strong, lasting relationship with them.”

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