Play Geek & Sundry "You’ve Got Crabs" in 180° VR!

Play Geek & Sundry "You’ve Got Crabs" in 180° VR!
April 7, 2018

Better in a VR Headset! Who has crabs? Do YOU have crabs? Join host Ivan Van Norman in VR180 with special guests Becca Scott, Leo Camacho, Kate Elliott & Satine Phoenix as they play the fun social deduction game “You’ve Got Crabs” from the creators of Exploding Kittens. Now Your Turn is a brand new show that delivers a brief overview of game mechanics followed by a shortened live play of your favorite games using VR180 to fully immerse you in the 3D experience when wearing a VR headset. It’s like you are sitting at the table, playing games with your favorite Geek & Sundry talent!


Every episode of Now Your Turn will transport viewer into the ultimate board game showdown were they will be able to experience unique board games and different Geek & Sundry personalities including Ivan Van Norman and Becca Scott. New episodes of Now You Turn are slated to release every Friday leading up to the day-long celebration of International Tabletop Day on 28th April.


“We wanted to find the best, most creative way to showcase VR 180 and strongly felt that a board gaming show would be a great fit for the medium,” Notes Light Sail VR Co-founder and Executive Producer Robert Watts. “Rather than simply watching a live game, the viewer has the opportunity to sit across their favorite Geek & Sundry hosts and feel like they are playing the games with them!”


The debut episode in the VR series is a five-minute long special titled You Got Crabs, which gives viewers a virtual seat at the table as they take on the perspective of an oversized crab. From here they will be able to jump into the action of Exploding Kittens’ party board game You Got Crabs. Each episode will be available for VR cardboard headsets on Geek & Sundry’s YouTube channel along with being available via the YouTube VR app using Google Daydream View headset. Future episodes will feature games that as a twist on traditional board games including Crafty Games’ Nosh, Gigamic Games’ Yogi and Renegade’s Topiary.


Adds Geek & Sundry’s Ivan Van Norman, Host and Executive Producer of International Tabletop Day 2018, “Each year, our team strives to take the gaming experience to the next level for our community. Partnering with Light Sail VR provides us with the opportunity to connect with fellow gamers in an immersive way and engage with a wider audience.”


International Tabletop Day is the worldwide celebration of tabletop gaming and its community orchestrated by Geek & Sundry. It is the first and only holiday of its kind dedicated to board games and the day-long event brings together plenty of players from around the world through live gaming events, charity fundraising and collaborative online entertainment. All of this will be enjoyable in VR this year as well with products such as Now Your Turn being part of the celebration.

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