Photogrammetry Show Realities Adds 3 Scenes

Photogrammetry Show Realities Adds 3 Scenes
April 14, 2018

Realities is a VR photogrammetry showcase featuring detailed photogramatic scans from a handful of interesting locations around the world. In collaboration with Canadian television channel TV5’s documentary series Terre d’Exploration, the first of three new scenes from the Canadian wilderness is available today, with the others set to unlock later this month, coinciding with episodes from the show.


Realities is a great showcase of ‘real life’ imagery in VR, thanks to the company’s photogrammetry process which reconstructs 3D geometry with high-resolution textures from thousands of real photographs and other data. The result is are detailed environments which you can explore in VR, including some supplemental information to discover in the form of additional imagery and commentary about each location.


Three new scenes (each containing a few different views) from the Canadian wilderness are on their way to the app, which is free on Steam with support for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The first new scene, ‘The Caves of Vancouver Island’, is available today, while the next two scenes, ‘Grasslands National Park’ & ‘Bridge Glacier’, will unlock on April 17th and 24th respectively. The new Realities – Terres d’Exploration scenes are available as a free DLC add-on to the main app.


The release of each scene coincides with new episodes of Canadian TV series Terre d’Exploration, which focus on each of the new Realities locations. In fact, the series’ documentarians themselves scanned the locations on-site during production of the show, while Realities crafted the photogramatic reconstructions from the resulting data.

The new scenes are the first to come to the app which were not captured by Realities staff. The company says that training third parties to capture scenes will help them bring more content to users, faster, and teased that additional content is already in production. Earlier this year the company outlined several new scenes in the works for 2018.

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