Phoenix Suns Gifting VR Kits To Keep Fans

Phoenix Suns Gifting VR Kits To Keep Fans
January 22, 2017

The Phoenix Suns are 13-29 and in rebuilding mode, so they’ll need something other than wins to keep season ticket holders in the building. The team’s latest strategy is gifting season ticket holders — known as SixthMan members — with virtual reality kits in order to promote renewals.

The kits were sent to 2,500 full-season-ticket account holders, and the Suns are the first NBA team to incorporate VR technology into a renewal campaign, according to SportsBusiness Journal.


“We need to find a way to stand apart,” Suns president Jason Rowley told the publication.


The kits include a cardboard box VR goggles set that fans are able to set their mobile phones inside of to view a three-minute virtual reality video. The video shows practice and game footage as well as a message from second-year star Devin Booker asking fans to renew their season tickets.


“I think the wow factor will be significant,” Rowley said. “We need to find ways to show fans the value proposition and this is one way to do it. Being able to personalize it with one of our players speaking directly to fans appeals to a lot of people.”


According to SBJ, the Suns last year had an 80 percent renewal rate and the way the Suns have been playing this year, it isn’t likely that will improve. The few fan responses to the kits on Twitter look positive.

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