Pebble Studios Turns Kids Imagination Into VR Film

Pebble Studios Turns Kids Imagination Into VR Film
February 22, 2017

London-based production company, Pebble Studios, has turned childrens’ illlustrations into a virtual reality film.


A group of seven and eight-year-olds from Grange Primary School in west London were invited to design characters and invent various lands and stories based on their imaginations.


By bringing their colourful sketches to life, the project aims to allow the viewer to step inside the mind of a child, says Pebble Studios.


Matt Beveridge, co-founder and creative director at Pebble Studios, says of the project: “We wanted to remind ourselves what pure, limitless, creativity felt like again – not having brand guidelines or even a client!”


The studio later showed the video to the children through virtual reality headsets, allowing them to see it in 360 degrees. Making Kids’ Imagination a Virtual Reality took two weeks to create.

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