Paris Latest Theme Park Set To Rival Disneyland

Paris Latest Theme Park Set To Rival Disneyland
August 20, 2018

Over the next 10 years, EuropaCity, a new business and theme park, will be constructed in Paris. It is expected to rival Disneyland for visitor numbers.


EuropaCity is an epic €3bn (£2.6bn) project that will boast giant indoor snow domes and ski slopes, an enormous water park, virtual reality rollercoasters, art exhibition spaces and even a circus.


EuropaCity is the most ambitious project in Paris since Disneyland

The plans for EuropaCity are so grand that the proposed design has been dubbed ‘Dubai in Paris’. The groundbreaking project should be completed by 2027 and will take up 80 hectares in the Triangle de Gonesse region of Greater Paris. It is the biggest private investment in France since the construction of Disneyland Paris in 1992.


The sheer scope of entertainment options at EuropaCity sets it up to rival Disneyland Paris, the most visited theme park in Europe. The new park aims to attract a staggering 30 million visitors a year, while Disneyland attracts around 13 million.

Affordable hotel option at EuropaCity | © Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia / EuropaCity


Go wild at the aquatic park then chill at the spa

One of the highlights of EuropaCity will be an extensive aquatic park, which is due to include a series of swooping waterslides. For an oasis of calm, a Water Park Hotel will focus on wellbeing, replete with a relaxing spa and wellness centre.


The Water Park Hotel’s fast flowing river will playfully link up these different facilities, so you can go straight from enjoying the outdoor activities to chilling at the spa and a cable car will offer a panoramic ride to the rooftop of the hotel, where a bar and an infinity pool are set to deliver magnificent views across the City of Light. The Water Park Hotel will also offer terrace cafés, restaurants, conference halls and beaches.


The second major sporting facility at EuropaCity will be an indoor snow dome with a range of fake ski slopes for adrenaline lovers and even an ice climbing area.

Hôtel du Parc Aquatique in EuropaCity | © Chabanne Architecte / EuropaCity


Immerse yourself in cinema and virtual reality

One of the most unique plans for EuropaCity is to allow movie lovers to plunge themselves into the cinematic art world via a cultural centre that goes well beyond the traditional cinema complex, including high-tech virtual reality rollercoasters.


UNStudio, the group behind this project, aims to extend the appreciation of film to an ever wider audience. The movie cultural centre will, therefore, host a wide range of inviting exhibitions and offer film showings in a futuristic complex.

A cultural centre dedicated to art | © UNStudio / EuropaCity


Take a trip to the circus and enjoy a concert

Not only will there be a great selection of daytime activities at EuropaCity, but there will also be a wide array of entertainment and evening options.


As well as a circus, there will be a concert hall with a selection of live music acts on offer. The hall’s glazed frontage will open onto a vast sheltered terrace that can be converted into an outdoor concert stage for the warm summer months.

Circus at EuropaCity | © Clément Blanchet Architecture / EuropaCity


The architecture will be infused with natural beauty

Paris is one of the greenest capitals in Europe – with more than 400 parks and pockets of green in the city – and the new complex appears keen to cling to this image. It will bind the surrounding landscape and modern architecture in a highly innovative and harmonious fusion.

Hotel design and cultural centre for children | © Franklin Azzi Architecture / EuropaCity


The most striking example of innovative architecture at EuropaCity will be a building in the shape of a hillside, situated upon an airy, open-space platform. This will primarily house a designer hotel with 400 rooms, including a cultural centre for children, shops and restaurants.

Luxury hotel at EuropaCity | © Atelier COS / EuropaCity


The whole structure will be camouflaged by dense natural vegetation, bringing a sense of privacy and intimacy to every room in the hotel. The rooftop of EuropaCity’s luxury hotel will be open for morning strolls along the ridges, while the lower levels feature patios, parks, ponds and a wide esplanade. The architects have even promised ‘fireflies, rooftop fields and a bamboo-covered atrium’ in one of the hotels.


Not everyone agrees with the plans, though, since the grounds on which the park is set to be built represent the closest remaining farmland to northern Paris. Some people would rather see the highly fertile fields be used for market-gardening in order to feed the surrounding area.


However, the supporters of the project insist that the construction of this complex would create 10,000 new jobs and help reduce unemployment in the northern suburbs. Currently, unemployment rates in parts of this area are more than double the national average.

The design for EuropaCity’s hotel and congress centre | © AAVP Architecture / EuropaCity

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