Orbital Views Takes You To Space In Zero G And VR

Orbital Views Takes You To Space In Zero G And VR
November 14, 2016

Exploring the Moon


In true lunar gravity!


ESA astronaut Jean-François Clervoy, chairman of Novespace, tested our Moonwalk virtual reality experience in true lunar gravity (1/6th of Earth gravity) on board the Airbus A310 Zero-G.

Our partnership with parabolic flight operator Novespace allows us to provide the first tickets worldwide for virtual reality experiences in true weightlessness and partial gravity!




How does it feel to fly in space?


Try virtual reality on a parabolic flight


We are opening a whole new direction for space tourism: the next best thing to actually being in space.

Virtual Reality is everywhere


We're taking it where it's never been before

We spent the last 2 years building our platform for virtual reality in weightlessness, through a partnership with Novespace, a subsidiary of the French Space Agency operating parabolic flights for the public on a regular basis. 


We provide the view


To create unforgettable memories

We craft otherworldly experiences: marvel at celestial bodies from orbit, relive exciting historical moments like the first Moon landing, get a grasp of our position in the cosmos...


It's all about feeling you are truly there, walking on the Moon and Mars, floating over our Earth, traveling among stars and galaxies: the sky is no limit!

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