Open Court Project: Watch Court Hearings In 360

Open Court Project: Watch Court Hearings In 360
July 11, 2017

In Ukraine earned the project of the virtual visits of the court


The video can be viewed on the relevant YouTube channel


In Ukraine launched a large-scale video recording of judicial Affairs using the technology of virtual reality VR 360, which allows you to simultaneously carry out surveys and watch videos of litigation in the measurement of 360 degrees, that is, from all possible angles and angles around the camera. Such a view gives the opportunity for every person to virtually “be in court”, reported on the website of the project.


“The simultaneous entry of all of the space that surrounds the camera, and the effect of the presence of the Explorer in the courtroom. This video can be viewed today on any professional computer or smartphone through a visit YouTube channel “Open court.” Watching this video on Youtube, subscribers project “Open Court” will be able “to be in the courtroom” and to keep track of everything that happens in the course of the proceedings, just by tilting your smartphone into different directions, or by dragging the plane of the screen on the computer,” the message reads.


The initiative implemented a project “Open court” which from the beginning of 2015 carried out a video recording over 5 thousand of cases in all regions of Ukraine to ensure transparency of justice, adoption of high standards of judicial process and the strengthening of guarantees of observance of procedural rights of participants in judicial cases.

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