North Korea Launch Their Own ‘FIFA’ VR Game

North Korea Launch Their Own ‘FIFA’ VR Game
August 5, 2017

A North Korean tech company called Sujeongcheon Tech has recently produced a football based video game title called 'Soccer Fierce Battle'.


The video game is said to contain three-dimensional graphics and emulate the famous 'FIFA' video game series, NK News reported on Wednesday.

The release of the game has reportedly come amidst a surge in North Korea's expanding interest in PC and mobile gaming, the Korean Herald stated on Thursday.


Similar to that of the FIFA series, Soccer Fierce Battle will allow its players to emulate and experience simulations of major tournaments around the world, such as the Champions League and the European Championship.


The game will also feature realistic characters based off of actual players and what has been reported as an excellent evaluation of these players' statistics, including speed, stamina and temperament.



However, Soccer Fierce Battle is reportedly a virtual reality game where the player's skills and experience will be reflected in the game itself.


There will also be similar settings and functions to those that are found in the FIFA series, such as training and and highlight packages.


The game has been created for PC, mobiles with the Android system and is also compatible with Xbox's Kinect system for the motion sensing role of the game.

Watch the video here.


Despite all of this, the game seems very unlikely to take off even in North Korea as online services and technology are permitted only to the privileged, with the country's telecommunication network very tightly controlled and monitored.


Furthermore, the game has had very little (if any) traction and attention outside of North Korea, and the game would obviously stand no chance against established gaming brands such as FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer. 


So, don't expect to see it hit the shelves near you anytime soon.. Or ever.

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