Noitom Brings Immersive VR To Beijing Residents

Noitom Brings Immersive VR To Beijing Residents
August 7, 2018
Residents from Beijing are experiencing VR technologies developed by Beijing Noitom Technology Ltd on July 31. [Photo provided to]


Beijing Noitom Technology Ltd, a Chinese company focused on motion capture technology, shook hands with local communities in Beijing on Tuesday to display the country's innovations through its virtual reality technologies.


Through the company's VR technologies, participants in the community of Desheng Street in the Xicheng district of Beijing could vividly experience scenes, including the workings of a manned submersible in the deep sea.


"We endeavor to not only deliver our technologies to film, gaming and animation but also extend them to vertical areas, including education, medicine and science," said Wang Junyi, Party branch secretary of Noitom.


"It's one of the reasons why we cooperated with a local community this time, hoping to let more people have a better understanding of China's development since reform and opening-up through our cutting-edge technologies," added Liu.


Noitom, founded in 2012, has provided advanced technologies and solutions to an array of films both at home and abroad, including Game of Thrones, Wolverine, Crazy Nian and Sword Master.


Dai Ruoli, co-founder and chief technology officer of Noitom, said: "Virtual reality has infinite possibilities in a variety of areas. We expect to bring a more creative immersive experience to help VR walk into everyone's life."


The Chinese VR industry has seen rapid development in the past years. Industrial data pointed out that the country's VR market has soared by 164 percent to 16 billion yuan ($2.5 billion) last year.

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