My Brother's Keeper VR Film: Behind The Scenes

My Brother's Keeper VR Film: Behind The Scenes
January 27, 2017

Presented at Sundance a few days ago, 'My Brother's Keeper' is a Civil War-inspired narrative that pushes the boundaries of immersive storytelling while remaining anchored in historical fact. It is the story of two estranged brothers who, fighting on opposing sides, unknowingly reunite one last time on the battlefield at Antietam.


As we walk into battle with Ethan (19) and Jackson (16), we also take a journey through their brief lives to understand what has led them to this one life-altering moment that is surrounded by carnage and the brutality of war. “My Brother’s Keeper” is inspired by the PBS primetime Civil War drama “Mercy Street.”

Written and Directed by Connor Hair and Alex Meader
Produced By Brian Seth Hurst
Executive Producer Don R. Wilcox
Story by Brian Seth Hurst, Connor Hair, and Alex Meader

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