Music Event Lets You Stand Next To The DJ In VR

Music Event Lets You Stand Next To The DJ In VR
November 7, 2016

A special video appeared on the official Facebook of Radical Redemption. Radical had a world premiere on Militant Mayhem called The Radical Experience. For the first time ever, it was possible to stand next to your favorite DJs during their sets on the sold out event by way of a Virtual Reality (VR) glasses. There was a pop-up stand at Militant Mayhem were people could use the VR glasses and go through this adventure.
There is no doubt that this was an unique experience whereby you could enjoy the show from another perspective, enjoy watching thousands of people going wild and witness how it is for a DJ to stand behind the decks.
"The response was very positive. Many visitors are avid fans of the DJ. They found it especially wonderful that they felt that they stood next to their idol, '' says film producer Erik Journee. 
Of the 6500 visitors to the festival in the HMH tried a thousand glasses off. One minute cost five euros. The glasses displayed what was going on stage with a delay of a few seconds. A 360 degree camera was capturing everything from the DJ himself to the images behind the stage and in the audience. "Now that we proved the introduction of this world premiere successful during the private event of Radical Redemption, we want to being the experience to other festivals,'' said Journee.

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