MR And Big Data Will Transform Music Experiences

MR And Big Data Will Transform Music Experiences
October 19, 2016
According to star music manager Troy Carter mixed reality concerts and big data technology will transform the future of music experiences. Speaking on stage during Dubai GITEX Technology Week with Robert Scoble, Carter is quoted to underline the power of user engagement that comes with new virtual experiences.

“The future is mixed reality with live spaces and concerts, and integrated music videos. New technology leads to better and richer experiences when technology is layered on top. Artists didn’t have access to data before. Now we can reach super-fans, those are the fans who want more.” Troy Carter said.
Mixed reality lets users see and interact with virtual objects on top of the real world. It is a new technology that combines real worlds with virtual and augmented reality experiences through a special headset.
Troy Carter is currently the Global Head of Creator Services for digital music service Spotify, and founder of the entertainment and artist management company Atom Factory. He is also known to be a famous investor in some of the popular startups including UberDropbox, AirbnB and theSkimmnewsletter.
“I don’t feel Silicon Valley is the next place where the next billion-dollar company will come from. The future is people who are knowledge about local markets such as China, India, and Dubai,” said Troy Carter on stage during his talk at the GITEX Global Startup Movement’s Out-Talk.
According to a recent report by International Data Corporation AR/VR market in the Middle East and Africa is expected to expand from a relatively moderate value of $181.59 million in 2016 to $6 billion in 2020.
Goldman Sachs predicts live events to be a key area for VR/AR software, and assuming a market of $4.1 billion dollars by 2025.
Right after the stage talk at the GITEX Tech Week, Robert Scoble broadcasted a live Facebook interview with Troy Carter. During the FB interview Carter shared more about his vision on the potential of mixed reality and the music industry.
“You got me really excited about mixed reality right now” Carter said, referring to a video shown at the event and the rumors of Apple launching a new iPhone with mixed reality support.
“We’ve seen some things that are very incredible. We saw a demo in Ontario, that was mind blowing. Just to understand what the artists are going to be able to do with mixed reality is going to blow people away.” Troy Carter said.
“I can’t wait to see Beyonce in mixed reality.” he added.

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