Mike Tyson Dons VR Glasses At MMA Show In Russia

Mike Tyson Dons VR Glasses At MMA Show In Russia
February 25, 2018
American fight icon would like to improve US attitude to Soviets and realise they are a sensitive nation


MIKE TYSON stepped into a virtual reality on a money spinning tour of Russia. The former heavyweight champion of the world was on a visit to the RMK martial arts academy established by the Russian Copper Company.


The one-time Baddest Man on the Planet attended an MMA show in Russia earlier in the week and admitted he has finally shaken off his ferocious side.


And he seems to be trying to help smooth over relations between Donald Trump’s America and the Soviets.


At the Russian Cagefighting Championship in Uralets Sports Complex, Tyson said: “I have done all of my fighting, I really don’t want to fight anymore.


“I fought enough people. When I see people fighting now I do not miss it at all.  Tyson also showed his caring side earlier in February when he reached out to Tyson Fury.


The Gypsy King - who has struggled with depression - was sent a lovely video from the fighter he was named after, wishing him a speedy return to the ring. In a video on social media, Iron Mike said: "Hey Tyson Fury I heard you say I’d knock out out if me and you fought - hey man you’ve got to have more confidence in yourself.


“Anything can happen in a fight - you see Buster Douglas knocked me out, anything can happen, you have to have more confidence in yourself. I look forward to seeing you making your comeback, take care buddy."

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