The Midnight Sanctuary Is Now Available In VR

The Midnight Sanctuary Is Now Available In VR
December 21, 2018

If you already own the standard version then the VR update is free.


3D horror novel The Midnight Sanctuary arrived on standard gaming platforms a couple of months ago, with Sony publishing label UNTIES and developer CAVYHOUSE stating that virtual reality (VR) would be implemented, without giving a timeline. Out of the blue, that support has arrived as a free update, enabling compatibility with PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Blending both fixed 2D textures and fluid 3D models, The Midnight Sanctuary aims to provide a suspenseful audiovisual experience for VR players.


To give you an idea of what to expect, CAVYHOUSE explains: “Quirky historian Hamomuro Tachibana visits Daiusu, a long-isolated Japanese village, to help catalogue its sordid past and introduce inhabitants to modern customs. Formerly persecuted for their religious beliefs, the villagers have built a majestic cathedral in honor of its most revered deity, “The Saint.” They hope to make Daiusu a tourist destination where others can experience their long-upheld traditions.


“However, Tachibana soon realizes the charming village may not be so lovely after all. After witnessing a handful of disturbing and inexplicable events, she starts to question if their beloved saint represents good or if it’s back to bring about destruction.”

The Midnight Sanctuary’s Japanese horror tale really comes alive in VR,” said John Davis, G&R Representative, UNTIES. “CAVYHOUSE’s distinctive aesthetics are designed to enhance the spookiness of the experience, creating an immersively chilling atmosphere impossible to achieve outside of games.”


Currently available via PlayStation Store and Steam for $9.99 USD / £7.99 GBP, The Midnight Sanctuary supports English text localization with full audio and text in Japanese. UNTIES has informed that the title will be discounted later this month on both stores, offering a 30 percent discount. 

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